Do what Boris Says!

1.Screen it! You must wear a face covering in all areas

except when seated at your table.

2. Sanitise it! Please use the hand sanitisers when

entering and at the stations inside.

3. Scan it! Please scan the QR code on entering or

leave your contact details in the book.

4. Sit on it! We will continue with table service only

and ask that you are patient & respectful to our

staff and fellow customers

5. Six Rules OK! A maximum of six including

children and babies 

4. Scarper!  Last orders will be called at 9.40pm

you will be off premises at 10.00pm.

Anyone not complying with

any of the above will be

asked to leave and reported to the authorities

To make sure you can still get your Squif

fy fix in these reduced hours,

we will be serving food all day from 12.00pm

taking last orders at 8.30pm

call 020 8979 3384 to book

We know people who have had this virus,

we know NHS front line workers,

we do not see people we love

because of the virus & we will comply

with Boris Rule to stop anyone

else having to suffer and to

get us through this quickly and

safely, we thank you for your continued support.




The Jolly Coopers & Squiffy’s

Hampton News Update

So, the question on every one’s lips since we closed on the

18th March “when will you be open?”

Can now finally be answered,

11.00am on July the 4th 2020,

but this comes with no official guidance except for the

1 meter apart rule, having been left to our own devices

to work out what to do these are our rules for opening.

Booking is advised as we will not have any seating,

standing or ordering at the bar, it will be

TABLE SERVICE ONLY, we have limited number of

seats as we have had to remove 50% of our chairs and

tables to accommodate the 1 meter rule.

On arrival you will be asked with no option to refuse to

sanitise your hands with anti-bacteria hand sanitiser at

the sanitation station just inside the door on the left,

again you will be asked with no option to refuse to visit

the registration station at the next table and complete

your contact details. This is in case we are informed

someone has the virus who visited the pub and we

can let everyone know present on that day to be

aware of this.

Our tables will be bare so as not to be a medium to

transfer any infection. Menus and wine lists will be

disposable, and the staff will bring everything you need

to you at your table.  

We will ask you for consideration to others, to the staff

and to be sensible when using the rest rooms, we ask

you to sanitise your hands before using the toilets at

the sanitation station by the toilet corridor entrance,

and to sanitise your hands after washing them before

leaving the toilet with the hand sanitiser provided in

the toilets. Please do not “visit” other guest’s tables

as this could be uncomfortable for some guests and

not in compliance with the 1meter rule. We will not

be allowing Children under

10 in the Jolly Coopers, Patio Garden or Squiffy’s to

make the rules in place easier to comply with and for

the comfort of everyone. We have installed a state

of the art air purifyer.

Please note these are the house rules and we will ask

anyone to leave seen not to be observing them.

They are in place not only to protect you but, our staff

who are coming into work, they will be given the option

of using PPE but is their choice whether to use it or not,

they will be trained in how to serve you in these

unprecedented times to keep themselves and you safe,

but and it’s a big but…..

















We are sorry about the like it or lump it attitude, but it is

very difficult for us to open under such circumstances.

We look forward to welcoming you back, we wish it was

under better circumstances, but we ask for your

consideration and patience. Please remember we are

running on under half capacity and using more staff.

Some stock availability will be intermittent, and we

will be doing our best on every level to provide as

normal a service as possible.  


Squiffy’s kitchen, Restaurant and the Jolly Coopers Bar

have under gone major renovations since we have been

closed, we have used this time to do as much as possible

to repair and renovate, we hope you enjoy what we have

done and just to let you know we really have missed

you all!

(well nearly all of you)

To book please call

the Jolly Coopers & Squiffy’s

Hot line on



Squiffys... is a friendly, welcoming restaurant at the rear of

The Jolly Coopers Pub.
We offer both lunch-time and evening menus.

 Check out our allergen menu for more gluten free options, including Mrs Squiffy's Scotch Eggs

We have reviewed our ingredients and can announce many more options!

New Extended Hours for Sunday Lunch

until 5.00 pm!

 Exciting News!Exciting News!

Squiffy's Now Open

Monday Nights

& Serving 

Lunchtimes Too

We have talked all our lovely suppliers into

delivering on Mondays and

by popular demand 

Squiffy's will be open Monday

Evenings 5.00-9.30pm 

 Check out the Jolly Coopers & Squiffy's Plans for the future

Just Click on "Future" on the Drop Down Menu & have

a Squiz at the Plans Call in for more info or a chat

if you are interested


Squiffy's Goes Greener! and Greener still

In 2020 we have been  working on reducing our Carbon Foot Print further, we now only use cardboard and biodegradable takeaway products entirely, we recycle more than ever and ask all our suppliers not to use polystyrene and plastics in their packaging and now use glass bottled conduments as far as hygenically possible.
Since 2015, we at Squiffy's and the Jolly Coopers have upped our game and  are working even harder to further reduce our carbon footprints.

FootprintWe are continuing to recycle as to the optimum and encouraging you to cycle too, (we have a bike rack at the back of the pub). We use as many local traders, suppliers and businesses as we can, reducing traffic pollution etc. We are using as many bio degradable products (at our own expense) as possible and are encouraging
our customers to try keeping it local too. We are now well into our  food waste recycling programme we have installed a log burner as a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way of heating. The lighting at the front of The Jolly Coopers has been replaced with LED's but sadly wine is still the most effective way to power Vinny!

Come and Try Lunch with Vinny, The Naughty Chef, we have some great healthy options for those Dieters and also some fab treats for those who fancy a naughty nibble!


Our menus, are available in:

Bar  Patio  Restaurant 
 the bar area  the garden patio area  the restaurant


SquiffysRestaurant opening times are:
MON 11.00am-2.00pm 5.00-9.30pm
TUES 11.00am-2.00pm 5.00-9.30pm
WED 11.00am-2.00pm 5.00-9.30pm
THURS 11.00am-2.00pm 5.00-9.30pm
FRI 11.00am-2.00pm 5.00-9.30pm
SAT 12.00pm-10.00pm Open All Day!
SUN 12.00-5.00pm Closed

We have an extensive wine list to compliment our all dishes.

Try our superb Sunday Lunch 12.00-5.00pm
(booking essential!)

16 High Street, Hampton,
Middlesex. TW12 2SJ England
020 8979 3384 (to book)