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Squiffy's Flat Breads & Nachos:


 Squiffy Nibbles 


Allergen information

Allergen information for all menu items is available from our staff – please ask for details. With prior notice, it may be possible to adjust some menu items to meet specific dietary requirements.



Our Flat Breads, Nachos & Nibbles

So, there you are enjoying a tipple in your local and you’re maybe chatting with friends or even just sitting in the bar listening to the conversation going on around you, or you could even be soaking up the sunshine and atmosphere on the patio. The gentle aroma of Vinny’s cooking is wafting past your nostrils and you’re wanting a little something, but not a lot, and not sure what? Well my friend we have the ideal solutions for you…



Nibble Menu

Olive & Pickles Jar  5.50

Hot Baked Stone Bread & Aioli with Smoked Paprika 4.50

Serrano Ham with Manchego Board 9.50

Sweet Potato Fries & Barbecue Dipping Sauce 5.50

Humus, Hot Pitta & Crudités  465.50

Haloumi Fries with Chili Mayo 7.00 

Pan con Tomate 5.00


Flat Breads

Blackened King Prawn & Garlic 8.50

Goats Cheese, Marinated Red Onion & Rocket 8.50

Spicy Chorizo & Grilled Red Peppers 8.50

Garlic, Vine Tomato & Olive Oil 7.50

Mushroom, Bacon & Manchago 8.50



Toasted Nachos with Onions Peppers & Melted Cheese 10.00

Pimp Up Your Nachos with Chicken & Bacon 13.00


Please place orders at the Bar or with our Waiting Staff, Thank You