Important info:

When booking for the Patio Garden please be aware of the following guidelines for safe and considerate practice


  1. Should anyone in the party show any signs of Covid 19, had contact with someone with covid 19 or its symptoms or feel unwell in any way prior to coming please cancel the booking or adjust the numbers in the party by a text message to 07552 728841.
  2. Each member of the party must use the quick code reader for track & trace or leave their name and contact number in the book supplied.
  3. Please be aware it is outside only, access to the patio is via the side passageway, whilst we do have some cover it is still outside, and you need to dress appropriately for the time of year.
  4. We only have 4 patio heaters and cannot guarantee one per table.
  5. Only 6 people per table, no table hopping.
  6. It is table service only no access to the bar or the restaurant, and we ask for your patience towards the staff.
  7. If you need to use the bathroom, then you must wear masks and sanitise hands on the way in and the way out.
  8. We ask you to be considerate to our other guests and our neighbours with noise levels. (We have a new baby neighbour who will need to get used to us being open)
  9. Should you wish to cancel your booking please can you inform us as soon as possible, a text message to 07552 728841 will suffice.
  10. If Children are in the party, then they too must remain at the table and not run around.
  11. We are looking forward to seeing you, apologise it is under restrained circumstances but thank you for your compliance in keeping yourselves and everyone else safe at The Jolly Coopers & Squiffy’s and we have no more information than the BBC weather app on how its going to be!    
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