The Jolly Coopers Hampton, home of Squiffy's Restaurant

'There are some good tapas bars and some not so good ones, but occasionally you stumble upon a little gem, Squiffy's.'

'Having resided in Spain I have some knowledge of how tapas should taste, and I was not disappointed.'

'Yes you may have to wait a bit longer as the dishes are prepared as you order, but give me fresh & well cooked fare over a nuked quickie any day.'

'The tapas at Squiffy's is now well known by residents as truly authentic - as close as you can get to Spain with out flying.'

'The décor is pleasantly rustic and unlike other more commercial tapas bars has a nice ambience which I prefer when eating.'

The Found it! Guide, Hampton, Quotes on Squiffy's


Watch the slideshow below for a small taste of Squiffy's...