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The Future:

Another Quick Update, still not finally signed off on materials now.........
we are nearly at 5 years long to make this happen but it will happen. It is coming up to a year since planning permission was granted but its taking a time to get the conditions sorted, we are another year older and probably 10 years greyer but, will shall over come and look forward to digging for the services starting soon 
Future of The Jolly Coopers and Squiffy's 
Quick update, still no shovel in the ground, but hopefully it is getting closer, conditions agreed after 6 months, now need the conservation officer to visit.
its progress, slow, but progress.........
Stop Press  Stop Press  Stop Press   Stop Press  Stop Press
We are delighted to announce we have had our planning approved and would like to thank everyone for their support and interest in this matter, it has been at times overwhelming and humbling.
We are at the stage of waiting for the conditions the council & conservation officer require on the build and hopefully if all the stars moons and suns align we can start work in late spring! 
We have left the plans below incase anyone would like to see them

Plans to take the Jolly Coopers in to the next century and beyond.........


 The Jolly Coopers pub in Hampton has been around since 1726 andtoday's owners of 31 years Nick & Jane Witham have high hopes for plans to ensure a pub remains on this site hopefully into the next century and beyond.

All to often we are seeing our locals converted into private homes, local supermarkets and maybe worst of all pulled down and rebuilt into flats. So how do you prevent this happening in an ever decreasing world of pubs? Nick & Jane have plans in with Richmond Council to convert the flat they live in above the pub into short stay serviced apartments this would mean an extension above the existing Squiffy’s restaurant and extending the coach house at the bottom of the pub garden into living accommodation for Nick & Jane. Plans drawn up by architects have been athstectically designed to have no impact on the current street scene in the conservation area of Hampton High Street.

How will this ensure the pub stays open long after the Witham’s retire which incidentally is not going to be any time soon, if the plans go ahead? The value of the whole site is only worth the what the business is valued at as a Pub & Restaurant. With the coach house turned into living accommodation & the flat above turned into short stay lets this will mean that the pub & Restaurant would be more viable kept as a business than being converted into flats, or an all too famiular mews development, almost beating developers at their own game.

Nick & Jane say that they have a great community based pub frequented by wonderful friends and customers who incidentally raised £10,000.00 for local charities to celebrate Nick & Janes 30 years at the pumps in the pub last summer, with the addition of  the serviced apartments which we do not have in Hampton this would provide a great place for friends and family of the locals to stay when visiting.

Though no plans to retire are on the horizon for the Withams it will happen one day and as they have no intentions to leave the village of Hampton, then from a selfish point of view they would love the Jolly Coopers to still be around to be their local.

Over 200 hundred letters of support accompanied the planning application and there have been over 40 comments of support on the planning portal. Plans can be viewed at the Jolly Coopers 16, High Street Hampton, TW12 2SJ Hopefully the Application is going to committee on the 25th of October and any support would be greatly appreciated in helping to keep the Village pub alive and thriving into the future.

 To View any of the files please right click and open in "open image in new tab" full plans available to view at the Jolly Coopers 16, High Street, Hampton, Middlesex TW12 2SJ please call ahead on 020 8979 3384 or the LRBUT Planning Portal :- the case numbers are 17/2301/FUL and 17/2294/LBC or you can look them up by the post code TW12 2SJ and scroll down to The Jolly Coopers, 16 High St. If you can take 5 minutes to leave a positive comment then that would help us immensely.


Back Ground Information from John Sheaf Renowned Local Historian and Nick & Jane's Potted History in Hampton 
Jolly Coopers Info To Nick And Jane
Nick Janes History At The Coopers
These we like to call the spot the difference pictures, which have been produced to show the impact on the street scene (which has been kept to an absolute minimum) of the proposed alterations.
This is the proposed look at the rear of the pub, which has been designed to show the progression of the building for future historical information but also in keeping with the some of the neighbouring properties. This is pretty much only visable from the pub patio
And these are the two diagrams showing the exsisting and the proposed for the the Stable building at the very rear of the building 
Please feel free to contact either Nick or Jane on 020 8979 3384 for any more information